We have helped several clients from all over the world to establish their business on a digital platform.

Emerging Start-ups

We respect the efforts of the start-ups as we once we a start-up and have risen to what we are now. Especially now as government is supporting start-ups, we are happy to help. Adasat, Floward, and PaperPix are some of our startup clients.

  • Brainstorming help

    Our organization is known for the creative and innovative development approach. This has helped us to concoct various ideas for start-ups. As a start-up, the young budding entrepreneurs may require some insight into the industry which we help them to achieve.

  • Post-development maintenance and support

    The duties of a developer don’t end when the application or the website is live. We also take responsibility for the issues and upgrades of the platform after it has gone live. Hence we are the perfect and reliable development partner for start-ups.

Our proud startup champions

These startup clients have made us proud with their success. We are extremely happy that we partnered with them.


This application was one of our startups that sold eye care products that generated over KWD 30,350 in six months. We helped them start their business by developing their application on both iPhone and Android platform.


We developed an e-commerce web platform for our international client, who was able to generate KWD 15,17,450 in over a year. Ubuy quickly gained prominence in the global platform with the help of our e-commerce solution.

Small-scale Businesses

Our organization is really supportive towards all the clients regardless of their business size. We help them reach more online audience and market that can maximize their business opportunity and hence their profit generation.

  • Business enhancements

    The instant decision-making tools with robust solutions developed by us can help you increase the reach of your business. The complete process of business can be automated with the digital solutions that we create.

  • Customer-centric applications

    The applications that we develop are completely user-friendly and user-centric that puts the needs of users first. This will allow your business to engage with maximum users, in turn, boosting your profit and your brand name.

Our clients that embraced the online world

Here are some of the Kuwait based and overseas based business who embraced the online world with our development solutions.

March Flower

This client earned a great ROI over the past eight months from his business platform that we helped build. March flowers became an instant hit after the introduction of their website.

Lea ebook

This client expanded his business in the Middle East through our Web platform and generated over KWD 30,350 in the past 9 months. We helped them set a strong foot in the digital space.

Established Enterprises

We have extensive experience in working with enterprises from all over the globe. We develop applications that can suffice all the needs of an organization effectively. Mitsubishi, PORSCHE BRIGHTON, and Ubuy are some of our established clients.

  • Mobility solutions

    Shoretech has proficient developers in developing mobile applications for all the enterprise needs. We can transform your complete service and make them compact enough for the users to use it on their mobile device.

  • Tech consultation

    Our team of tech experts will be with the clients all along the way explaining to them the latest trends and technologies. The resulting application will be advanced and would be compatible with any hardware and devices.

Our business tycoons

These business titans have made a fortune with the help of our development services and we welcome more clients them.


Porsche generated almost KWD 2,42,79,200 from our paid ad services in over 12 months. We started a paid ad campaign that compelled their users to install the application and avail services.


Mitsubishi Motors is an automotive manufacturing tycoon that successfully joined us in our venture for our advertising campaigns to drive more market sales raising KWD 2,00,50,617 successfully achieving more client acquisitions.


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