4 Effective Ways to Increase Your Pinterest Followers

Visual Internet is growing at a fast pace and Pinterest is one of the leading social networks. People are doing everything possible to maximize their image usage in order to enhance engagement. Pinterest can work out really great for any business, but for that it is important that you optimize your website, profile and also images to achieve maximum exposure.

A Pinterest community, which is strong and has many followers, tells others that you are a trusted source. There are plenty of ways to increase your Pinterest followers. You can either Buy Pinterest Followers or boost them ethically. However, a mixture of both is always recommended.

Here, we have a list of 4 proven ways that can help you increase your Pinterest followers.

Top 5 Blunders That Keep You Aloof from Being a Successful Blogger

Blogging is all about making money by building a strong audience base so that the visitors come to your website again and again. Here are some blunders that every blogger must avoid to get effective results.

Being Complex


As an excellent writer, your duty is to make your feelings understandable to the readers and not confuse them. You must respect the time of our visitors. So, you should learn the art to represent complex subjects in simpler manner so that you can engage the readers. A simplified message has more power to bind the user and compel them to share.

Self Tales


Visitors read articles to gain knowledge and analyze how the information in the post can enhance their productivity. It’s fine to write about your experience for particular case, but do not write tales about your life. It all matters how far the content is informative and catchy.

Publishing Daily


Again the client’s time is precious. They like to read one precious article in place of 20 worthless posts. If you are committed to bombard the reader’s inbox with seamless news about your new posts then you are screwing your own customer base. So, post only when you have something substantial to say.

Die for SEO


Sometimes, doing hardcore writing for Google may exhaust your reader’s mood. If you are committed to write for machines then you are simply wasting time. The fact is that humans do not wish to see the keywords, but to learn something from the holistic meaning of the article. Never kill your own ideas of creativity by transforming into a keyword processing creature.

Word Count Only Matters

The fact is that it must be clearly understood while writing that the end motive is to convey a message clearly and justify its significance, no matter how long it elongates. For instance, if you covered everything and now it’s completely ready with 500 words then just stuffing crap and repeating the same concept by rewording it may make the post crappy.


Hope you have now understood the blunders that are usually committed while blogging.  This will help in building a stronger and more loyal customer base and eventually you can build a long term relationship with your visitors and finally achieve something big in blogging history.